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About PLX Consult Média

Pierre Proulx has completed studies in Marketing Management, Advertising, Communications and Public Relations. His experience spans over 30 years in various leadership positions within the publishing industry as publisher, national distributor and wholesaler of books, magazines and newspapers.

Mr Proulx's professional experience is vast, having among other things worked in the domains of scholarly, literary and high circulation publishing for which he is considered a major reference for distribution, circulation and marketing at point-of-sale in Canada.

Mr Proulx's knowledge and expertise in marketing were used to launch numerous Québec publications. He has provided input to most merchandising at point-of-sale promotions for publications using retail outlets in Québec. As well, Mr Proulx has shared his experience by teaching at the CEGEP level.

Presented in May 2011 with the very first « Career Award Magazines du Québec » by the Association Québécoise des Éditeurs de Magazines (AQEM), Pierre Proulx publishes each year a comprehensive study of the Québec newsstand market for various stakeholders in the periodical industry.

He is the author of "Selling On The Newsstand, A Guide For Small Publishers" published by Canadian Heritage (Periodical Publishing Policy and Programs). He also acts as lecturer and panellist on issues touching marketing and the publishing industry. Mr Proulx is a member of the Association des Professionnels, de la Communication et du Marketing (APCM) and the Instore Marketing Institute.